Junior Heywood League players

The following 10 MCF players for Heywood are ECF defined juniors and have played in the current or past seasons:

Aisha Benhamidar, aged: 14Heywoods99, Dr73, D
Mohammed Benhamidar, aged: 11Heywoods111, Ar121, A
Malachy Fieldingr, aged: 9Heywoodes30r?
Nugith Jayawarnar, aged: 15Heywoods199, Ar191, C
Tarini Jayawarnar, aged: 11Heywoods108, Ar109, A
Thisumi Jayawarnar, aged: 7Heywoods75, Br70, A
Pauly Knightr, aged: 9Heywoods53, Er57, D
Leo Minkoffr, aged: 10Heywoods40, Fr?
Shaked Nussbaumr, aged: 10Heywoods97, Dr116, D
Kyle Pellingr, aged: 11Heywoods121, Ar118, A