Junior Three Cs League players

The following 29 MCF players for Three Cs are ECF defined juniors and have played in the current or past seasons:

Zayeem Alamr, aged: 8Three Cses25r?
Ellie Amroonir, aged: 10Three Cses73r72, D
Alannah Ashtonr, aged: 6Three Cses42r42, D
Akil B Balakrishnanr, aged: 8Three Cses72r72, A
Adam Boothr, aged: 11Three Cses85r85, D
Leo Boothr, aged: 8Three Cses61r61, C
Reuben Bridger, aged: 11Three Cses35r34, F
Lucas Chanr, aged: 8Three Cses50r47, D
Edward Correar, aged: 8Three Css51, Dr74, B
Rebecca Correar, aged: 10Three Css99, Ar111, A
Jordan Corriganr, aged: 12Three Cses68r68, B
Alicia Custyr, aged: 11Three Css37, Er76, A
Seny D Denisovr, aged: 14Three Css153, Br147, C
Maria Denisovar, aged: 10Three Css43, Er84, D
Alexander Gardinerr, aged: 12Three Css31, Er52, D
Ethan Gardinerr, aged: 9Three Css134, Ar114, B
Jack Gladwinr, aged: 12Three Cses50r?
Joe Holmesr, aged: 11Three Cses66r66, D
Neveah Homanr, aged: 9Three Cses25r6, E
Rachel Hortonr, aged: 14Three Css87, Cr101, C
Edward Jacksonr, aged: 12Three Css107, Er81, D
Hunain Malikr, aged: 9Three Cses65r58, D
James Marshallr, aged: 12Three Css73, Er?
Peter McGeer, aged: 14Three Css91, Cr?
Robert McLeanr, aged: 17Three Css186, Cr165, D
Ben Newtonr, aged: 9Three Css76, Dr104, A
Jacob T Shankerr, aged: 15Three Css36, Er53, D
Kevin Yer, aged: 14Three Css166, Ar170, A
Tim Yer, aged: 9Three Cses50r71, A