Junior Bolton League players

The following 11 MCF players for Bolton are ECF defined juniors and have played in the current or past seasons:

Sam Brennanr, aged: 17Boltons90, Er104, E
Eesa Chariwalar, aged: 10Boltons?r64, E
Bryony Ecclestonr, aged: 9Boltons70, Fr30, A
William Faircloughr, aged: 12Boltons73, Dr47, D
Owen Gregsonr, aged: 10Boltons40, Er49, E
Samuel Huntr, aged: 10Boltons51, Dr83, B
Mahima G Raghavendrar, aged: 15Boltons158, Cr156, C
Tejas Raor, aged: 13Boltons25, Er42, F
Lewis Sheehyr, aged: 12Boltons?r53, F
Rachel Toppingr, aged: 15Boltons69, Br82, E
Edward H Udallr, aged: 14Boltons?r?